Hardcore fan of F-R-I-E-N-D-S? Let’s see if you remember all of these Weddings…

It’s always fun to take a trip down memory lane, especially if those memories are of classic Friends Wedding episodes!

We wanted to remind ourselves, and you, how Ross, Joey, Rachel, Monica, Chandler and Phoebe do weddings, they may even lead to some inspiration for your very own nuptials…



Ross and Rachel…we mean Emily.

London Baby! We all remember the wedding of Ross and Emily, because it nearly didn’t happen. Ross accidentally said Rachel’s name during the ceremony in our very own London, leaving season four at a complete cliff hanger.

Best bit: Ross: (To Emily) “I Ross, take thee Rachel…”


Chandler and Monica

Remember this one? After Chandler and Monica finally realise their love for each other and Chandler gets over his commitment phobia, he has one last wobble on the morning of their wedding day, but as you can see from the pic, they get married by Joey and are currently living happily ever after…

Best bit: When Ross goes to Monica’s apartment to show Rachel the note that Chandler left, after passing the note to a shocked Rachel, Pheobe comes along and takes the note from her, reads it out loud “Tell Monica I’m sorry”, takes one look at Ross and replies in annoyance “Tell her yourself…!”.


Princess Consuela Banana Hammock and Crap Bag

The lovely wedding of Phoebe and Mike here, the reason they’re stood in snow is because a random blizzard hit NYC on the day of their wedding, Phoebe didn’t care though, she was so happy she didn’t even wear a coat!

Best bit: Ross having to hold the smelly dog called Chappy and Monica as the crazy Wedding Planner.


Carol and Susan’s Wedding

The One with the Lesbian Wedding, a great episode where Ross is unsure at first about attending his ex-wife’s lesbian wedding however when Carol’s parents don’t attend the wedding he steps in and gives her away…ahhhh.

Best bit: Phoebe’s client dies on her massage table and she is convinced that the old lady’s spirit has taken over hers, she believes that she won’t move on until she is ready and finally does after watching Carol and Susan’s wedding, stating “Now I’ve seen everything…!”


Ross and Rachel

As Monica and Chandler are quickly preparing for a spontaneous Las Vegas Wedding they are halted when a drunk Ross and Rachel leave the ceremony room…the pair had been hiding in their rooms due to the permanent marker doodles they had drawn on each others faces and as a result of having only a mini bar for entertainment, had one too many!

Best Bit: Rachel sucking and spitting out the expensive Macademia nuts because Ross was footing the bill…

Have we missed any? Which was your favourite??


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